Bobcat MT52 For Sale & Specs 2021

Bobcat MT52 for sale has introduced a brand new snowplow called the Bobcat MT52 for sale. This plow is made of two plows that are able to change the width when the terrain is different from the standard width. This plow is able to plow through snow that is deeper than three inches, it can also handle snow that is one inch thick. This plow has been created with technology that makes it more precise and effective at clearing snow in difficult locations.

Bobcat MT52 For Sale – This plow has been specifically designed to make your riding more enjoyable and safe. It is able to run over rocky and steep terrain as well as the snow-covered ground. This plow can cover an estimated three to five miles, depending on the size of the large area you would like to plow. The plow is able to clear uneven and bumpy terrain. This plow is equipped with a steel reinforced nose so you are able to keep the weight of the snow to a minimum. You are also able to clear snow at higher speeds, which will make it easier to get the snow off of your vehicle.

Bobcat MT52 For Sale & Specs 2021 All Machines Backhoe Loader Dozer Excavator

Bobcat MT52 Specs & Bobcat Shops Near me & Bobcat Prices

Year: 2007

Manufacturer: BOBCAT

Model: MT52

Serial Number: 528713084

Condition: Used

Hours: 2082

Stock Number: 142638

Bucket: Yes

Bucket Size: 36 In

Auxiliary Hydraulics: Yes

Price: USD $11,000

 Mobile: +1 717-428-0922

Bobcat Big Bobcat Plow – The Bobcat MT52 Bobcat plows are able to handle extremely rough terrain as well. It is able to cover an approximately twelve to a twenty-four-mile-long large area. The largest size, this plow is able to go to is sixty-eight thousand pounds. This large size is used when you have a large field or parking lot that needs to be cleared. It is also able to clear snow in areas that are too thick and dangerous for other small plows to handle. This plow is made with diamond plates that are strong and durable.

Bobcat MT 52 specs Titan Plows – This large plow is able to maintain the same thickness even after a very long period of time. It is able to take care of a very large area that other smaller plows might not be able to cover. The thickness of this plow allows it to keep snow from sinking into the ground. It is also effective in getting rid of the snow that has melted and turned into ice.

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Bobcat MT52 weight is 2,580 lbs.

Bobcat MT52 engine horsepower is 20 HP.

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