Ford 601 Workmaster Tractor For Sale 2021

Ford 601 workmaster tractor is so creative. If you are looking for tractors for sale, then you might want to check out the Ford 601. These tractors are a little older than many of the newer models on the market today. However, they still have excellent capabilities and are well built. You can find many fine models of tractors like the Fordribute, Ford Escort, and Ford Powerstroke all in one of these styles. These are popular models and you will most likely find them on Craigslist or other classified sites.

You need to make sure that you take the time to check out any unit that you are interested in. While you will most likely get some information about the previous owner of this Ford 601 tractor for sale, there may be some flaws that were not addressed by the previous owner. You will also have to check out the current condition to determine if it still has some value.

Ford 601 Workmaster Tractor For Sale 2021 All Machines Tractor

Ford 601 Specs & Ford Shops Near me & Ford Prices

Manufacturer: FORD

Model: 601

Serial Number: 16708

Condition: Used

Stock Number: 0104945

Front Tire Size: 4:00×19

Rear Tire Size: 12.4×28

Rear Tire % Remaining: 80

Engine Horsepower: 32 HP

Drive: 2 WD

Price: USD $3,295

Mobile: +1 308-582-4303

One of the best parts of the Ford 601 Workmaster is the drive train. This is a four-wheel-drive that turns with the power of your foot. The four-wheel-drive is a nice feature when you are pushing the machine as hard as you want to go. This will give you a lot more power and help you go through your work in no time.

The Fordribute series can handle all kinds of terrain. It is especially good in the mud. When you are pushing the tractor, you do not want to be concerned about it sliding all over the place. In fact, you will probably be surprised at how stable the Fordribute is. Many people who have bought one of these tractors say that they can actually go through their driveway with it. The ride is comfortable and manageable.

The Ford 601 Escort series are also excellent in the heavy-duty category. Some people would say that they are overkill for a lawnmower, but you can count on these tractors to get the job done. They will manage to plow through even the most difficult of gardens. If you do not want to spend hours mowing your garden, then this is definitely the model for you.

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Ford 601 weight is 3,291 lbs 1492 kg.

Ford 601 engine horsepower is 42.7 hp.

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