Polaris Magnum 325 For Sale 2021

Polaris Magnum 325 For Sale by owner John B. can be described as an old but dependable four-wheeler. This vehicle was purchased from John B.’s parents at the time of his marriage to Ellen D. Smith. The vehicle was used during the early years when John B. drove it for a living by driving his brother Bob and his friend Ralph around. The car is almost twenty-nine years old and has had no formal service. This is one of only two known original Polaris Magnum325 For Sale By Owner, the other being the very similar (and nearly the same) Leasing/Trading version.

İf you want to buy a Polaris Magnum 325  you can have to buy. All that’s said, this car is in pretty good condition with the exception of the obvious: the transmission. The seller says that the problem with the transmission is minor, but it does require some minor mechanical work: spark plugs, rebuilt engine mounts and bearings, transmission fluid, and possibly a valve stem leak. It should be possible to save some money on the expense of all this work, so if you’re looking to get your hands on this car for a good price, now is the time to do it!

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Polaris Magnum Specs & Polaris Shops Near me & Polaris Prices

State: Pennsylvania

Make: Polaris

Model: Magnum 325

Year: 2001

Condition: Used

Engine Size: 325 cc

Category: Atvs

Price: USD $2,395

Mobile: +1 955-144-7706

The ride quality of the Magnum is great. They are comfortable enough to give a peaceful ride. This is actually the second car in the family to have these tires. The first one was purchased when the owner got the car from Bob and Ralph. Regardless of the circumstance, both cars have the soft four-wheel drive that is a necessary characteristic of any good all-round vehicle. I can advise Polaris Magnum 325 for sale. Because it is quality.

The brakes are somewhat on the weak side. However, this is a feature that most drivers are more than willing to live with as the weakness is a feature that works well. There’s nothing wrong with weak brakes, what’s wrong is poor handling and lack of power. Both of these problems can be solved by simple maintenance and of course by upgrading the suspension. Power upgrades can also be performed at the same time that the braking issues are being fixed.


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Polaris Magnum 325 weight is 574 lbs (260.5 Kg).

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