Polaris Ranger 800 For Sale 2021

Polaris Ranger 800 For Sale was one of the first full-size electric clubs to hit the market. The all-metal shaft offered a length of stroke plus an extra loft for high handicap golfers. At the time, few other full-size clubs offered these special features and Polaris was ahead of the game in terms of popularity. Unfortunately, the club’s popularity has faded over the years and only remains among collectors and professionals on the rare occasion that someone may want one.

Polaris Clubs is manufactured by Callaway, the company that makes many of today’s high-end driver products. Callaway is also responsible for the production of the PGA Tour’s drivers as well as the world’s top-selling Par-3 and Women’s golf equipment. This company does have a history though, as evidenced by their factory roots that date back to 1875. Polaris Ranger 800 For Sale was founded in order to offer the consumer the best club available at the time. It’s one of only a handful of golf companies that offers tour-quality clubs in addition to lower-priced clubs that appeal to more casual players.

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Polaris Ranger Specs & Polaris Shops Near me & Polaris Prices

Year: 2012

Manufacturer: POLARIS

Model: RANGER 800 XP

Serial Number: 4XATH76A5L4725323

Status: Second Hand

Hours: 972

Drive: Four-Wheel

Price: USD $ 9,500

Mobile: +1 605-466-2119

The good news is that you can get a great bargain on the Polaris Ranger 800 For Sale if you know where to look. The club’s current owner must be willing to take a loss in order to unload the set. If the previous owner was knowledgeable about how to set up the clubs or had a nice set of drivers that are still around they may be willing to sell. In any case, there are several ways to find an owner who is willing to part with their setups.

The first place to start is by searching the Internet. Most people today utilize search engines in their searches nowadays and Polaris’ name will come up in the search engine results. This is not the only place to look though, as local golf publications and online auctions will also give you a closer look at what you’re purchasing. Another possibility to try is to ask your local pro at a tournament for tips. You never know until you try, right? Keep in mind, however, that most pros will not help you unless you ask first. 

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